Christopher Stubbs, M.D.


Based in Iowa, Christopher F. (Francis) Stubbs, M.D., holds volunteer responsibilities guiding emergency medical services in the communities of Exira and Audubon. His position builds on past experience with Audubon County Memorial Hospital where he provided a wide range of primary care services. Among the areas in which Christopher Francis Stubbs M.D., focused were assisting patients with diabetes and hypertension, and he also provided geriatric and nursing home care.

In addition to his medical background, Dr. Stubbs has had a successful entrepreneurial career that included founding and leading VQ Software Design, LLC, in Chicago. Over the course of four years, he oversaw technical implementation of desktop and mobile applications and provided technical and marketing support.

Dr. Stubbs subsequently undertook a family medicine internship at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City. He completed various rotations that included caring for obstetric and delivery patients. Dr. Christopher F. Stubbs has a medical school background in Kansas City at the University of Kansas.